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Rehabilitation is the utmost important part of any surgery, our team working with the Limb lengthening patients for more than 10 years. Physical therapy ensures that any repair and construction of bone, nerves and soft tissue heal properly. In Limb lengthening the most common problem is mobility, equinus (Ballerina) , flexion deformity and muscle atrophy. Which can alter the whole biomechanics of the lower limb and further other complications may arise if this doesn’t addressed on time. Our team is very expert in dealing with all the recovery challenges. No deformity has been reported from the past 11 year physical therapy has good circulation in your legs, muscle strength and prevention of joint stiffness and I need to format. Physical therapy also helps in reduce of pain and scar tissue. To gain muscle strength and joint range is a long process too. It's very important to understand that rehabilitation is over the time process. Surgery takes years but rehabilitation is a months or year process. Basic concepts like everyone being aware of good circulation, exercise helps to improve circulation and reduce the chance of vascular clot which eventually helps in the recovery faster and better.

Pre-op Exercises before surgery will prepare you for the exercises during and after the lengthening.

1. Calf stretches:- intense calf stretches to increase the muscle length and give extra range of motion on ankle joint during the lengthening. To stretch the calf muscle keep one leg back with your knee straight and your heel flat on the floor or slowly bend your elbow and front knee and move your hips forward until you feel stretch in your calf.

2. Hamstring stretches:- hamstring stretches will allow the range of motion on the knee joint and will prevent any kind of knee stiffness while in Fames. To stretch the hamstring muscle Sit on the floor with one leg out straight, bend the other leg and the knee and position the sole of the foot against your opposite inner thigh extend your arm and reach forward over the one straight leg by bending the waist as far as possible.

3. Quadriceps, VMO strengthening and gestrocsoleus strengthening :- because of the non-weight-bearing or partial weight bearing gait and less use of muscles due to pain can cause much muscle atrophy so strengthening the quadriceps, VMO, gastroc soleus strengthening is necessary to maintain the gait and muscle atrophy. To strengthen the quadriceps or VMO place a towel roll or a foam roller under your knee and press the roll with the knee and in other press the knee and raise the heel into terminal extension. For Gastroc soleus is strengthening. Stand on the edge of any stair and try to push the heel down and then raise your body onto standing repeat until your calf feels fatigue.

During lengthening

0-4 week

ankle toe movements
Leg raises front and side
Isometric contraction of quads and hands
Knee bending in lying he’ll slide
Sitting on the bed side and do Quartzsite

5 to 8 week

Standing with support
Calf stretches
Static quads
Static hamstring
Sidelined, straight line, Straight leg raise for abduction
Isometric for adduction
Dynamic free quads
Knee terminal open chain
Glutes squeeze

8th to 12th week

Increase the time for assisted standing
Splint the foot into plantar flexion 24* 7 To prevent the equinus.

After Frame removal.

Post Removal after 4-5 days.
Hamstring, Quadriceps Calf, Piriformis , stretching.
Isometric exercises for Hamstring and Quadriceps
Stand with support.
Every strengthening exercise and standing and walking time progression as per the muscle strength improve.