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Lengthening Over Nail

Lengthening Over Nail Ilizarov frame is a heavy structure which causes pain and many other complications of keeping the frame longer, to reduce the complication and time of frame, the methods used called lengthening over the nail.

In conventional ilizarov method the frame must remain attached for the entire lengthening and the consolidation.

LON (Lengthening over nail) minimise the period of external fixator attachment.

In LON (Lengthening over nail) two surgeries needed, one is initial surgery for osteotomy, insertion of the intramedullary nail and fixation of the frame. The frame remains till the desired lengthening is done, one the distraction is complete second operation is done to remove the external fixator and lock (with screws) intramedullary nail . Patients will be allowed for early mobility and partial weight bearing with the help of crutch or walker during the consolidation period.

A combination of intramedullary nailing along with an external fixator significantly reduces the external fixation time while maintaining low complication rate.

The intramedullary nail is the prevention of axial deviation during the fixation period and also after removal of the fixator over the long term.