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Lengthening & Then Nailing

Lengthening And Then Nailing The procedure was also introduced to reduce the time of external fixation. The procedure is quite similar like LON, this also required two surgical procedures but in LATN first surgery is done for the osteotomy and external fixation and once the desired distraction is done the second procedure is done to remove the external fixation and insert the intramedullary nail.

Pins and wires are placed to allow subsequent intramedullary nailing. At the end of the distraction phase reamed the large diameter, full length, statically locked intramedullary nails are inserted and the frames are removed. This is suggested that reaming through the regenerate enhances and quicken the bone healing.

In LATN lengthening the patient will allow the partial weight bearing during the consolidation period with the help of crutch and walker.