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Precice Nail Lengthening

Precice Nail Lengthening

This is also called internal lengthening.

In this method the device used for lengthening the bone is inserted inside the bone. The lengthening device has a small magnetic motor inside it and when the motor is activated by an external remote controller the device slowly lengthens.

This is a less invasive alternative, because of no need of an external fixation.

The magnetic technology gives a very precise lengthening, and lengthening protocol based upon the patient's prescription given by the surgeon.

In internal lengthening reduces the chances of complication because there are no pins and external fixation which may cause the infection and discomfort.

Precice lengthening with ERC is so gradual that the pain is nearly nill during the lengthening.

The requirement and restrictions- the diameter of the bone must be wide enough so that the precice can fit inside the bone canal. Same with the length too.

The patient may not be allowed to have an MRI scan after the precise is inserted because the MRI could magnetize the precice nail.

The ERC is used to lengthen the nail is loud during lengthening.

In femoral internal lengthening the nail can be inserted in two ways, it can be inserted from the top near the hip called antegrade insertion of the nail and can be inserted through the bottom of the femur closer to the knee called retrograde insertion of the nail.

The weight bearing in internal precice lengthening is partial and gradual according to which diameter nail is used. The amount of weight bearing is always prescribed by the surgeon.