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We are a team of medical experts with almost 15 years of experience in the field of Limb Lengthening. Our mission is to provide affordable prices for Height Increase surgeries and present a less priced offer for Limb-Lengthening compared to other agents/hospitals. With our expert team and medical specialists, we offer the best quality of care to our patients.

Limb Lengthening Surgery In India

● Suffering from Short Height? Have tried various supplements, found no results?
● Having Limb Length Deformity/ Discrepancy by birth or by Accident, Trauma?
● Tired of wearing Insoles to look taller? Or want to get rid of Short Stature?

We have solution for your desired Height to be increased with Limb Lengthening Surgery! You can choose various methods for Limb Lengthening Surgery like - External Fixator, Ilizarov Frame, LON (Lengthening Over Nail), LATN (Lengthening and then Nailing), and Internal Method (Precice, Stryde Nail).

What Is Limb Lengthening?

As the name suggests, it is lengthening of the limb( arm and leg) by distraction osteogenesis method, the people with limb length discrepancy due to many reasons injuries, fractures, and congenital or any other crush injury can get the benefit by this method.

Distraction osteogenesis also has its limitations, the safe limit of lengthening is upto 3 inches, more than this limit its hard to correct but not impossible.

Limb Lengthening Surgery is a procedure to lengthen the bones in the arms or legs. This is done as a gradual process, so that the bones and soft tissues (skin, muscles, nerves, etc.) slowly increase in length. Typically, the process takes several months. Limb Lengthening can also be combined with gradual or acute deformity correction. At the Height Increase Info’s Center for Limb Lengthening, we routinely Lengthen the Humerus (upper arm bone), Radius/Ulna (forearm), Femur (thigh bone), Tibia (shin bone) and Metatarsals (bones in the foot that affect toe length).

Limb Lengthening Methods

Explore our diverse limb lengthening techniques, from advanced nails to surgical procedures, meticulously designed to offer safe and effective height enhancement solutions.

Lengthening Over Nail (LON) - Ilizarov frame is a heavy structure which causes pain and many other complications of keeping the frame longer ...

Lengthening And Then Nailing (LATN) - The procedure was also introduced to reduce the time of external fixation. The procedure is quite similar like LON...

Precice Nail Lengthening (PNL) - This is also called internal lengthening. In this method the device used for lengthening the bone is inserted inside the bone...

Precice Stryde Nail Lengthening - The precice stryde nail is also like the precice lengthening but the nail used is made of steel alloy instead of titanium...

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Lengthening of the tibia/femur by any method safe limit is 6-8cm,(3 inches ) 1mm/day of distraction without any complications. Each cm takes approximately 1month of recovery that means if you are lengthening 5 cm it will take about 2.5-3 months for lengthening and next 2-3 months to complete the bone formation. Recovery is completely subjective.

People ask frequently to do both fragment lengthening together but it’s always safe to go one by one, once one segment recovers fully then you should consider to lengthen the other. No one should do both segments (femur/tibia) together because all the procedures of Lengthening are complicated enough individually, we don’t recommend both segments together because it can cause major complications.

To achieve more than 8 cm, you will need Cross Lengthening method in which 2 surgeries will be done (one on Femur and second on Tibia/Diagonal Lengthening). In Cross Lengthening you can do a maximum of 12-15 cm.

Other option is Quadrilateral first Tibia Lengthening and 1-3 months gap and Femur Lengthening.

*The cost of Cross Lengthening / Quadrilateral Lengthening will be a combination of two surgeries or two methods. *

After the surgery, the person will have to stay in a guesthouse which is provided by us, till his/her Lengthening process gets completed.

Once lengthening is done, the patient will be allowed to go back to his/her home using wheelchair or elbow crutches depending on the patient 's condition. Patients can also extend their stay at our facility until he/she feels comfortable to go back to their home.

This procedure requires high supervision that is why we suggest the patient to stay under our observation for the entire Lengthening procedure.

The frames are heavy and almost every patient requires 24/7 help and supervision.

Why Choose Us?

Here is the Height Increase Info team that has been in the Limb Lengthening field for almost 15 years. Our team not only offers affordable prices for Limb-Lengthening but also presents a less priced offer for orthopedic surgeries compared to other agents/hospitals with medical specialists and expert teams.

Cost Of Limb Lengthening Surgery, India

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Frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

Is Limb Lengthening Surgery safe?

Although minor problems may occur with pins and stiffening in the joints, serious complications from limb lengthening surgery are rare. Those that do occur are usually seen in patients who are already considered to be high risk, such as those who are being treated for limb salvage.

How many inches can you grow with limb lengthening surgery?

If you opt for limb lengthening in both the femur and tibia, you may be able to achieve a total of up to 5.6 inches (14.5 cm)—up to 3.1 inches (8 cm) in the femur and up to 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) in the tibia.

Is Limb Lengthening Surgery painful?

Will Limb Lengthening Surgery Hurt? During surgery, you'll be under anesthesia, so you won't feel a thing. Whether you use the lengthening rod inside the bone or the external fixator, there is soreness as the bone and muscles lengthen. Your doctor will be able to give you medication to minimize the pain.

Why is limb lengthening surgery so expensive?

It is already no secret that limb lengthening surgery is probably the most expensive cosmetic surgery in the world. ... Because this surgery involves serious procedures such as osteotomy (surgical breaking of the major bones in legs), and daily distraction of bones beginning several days after surgery.

How Much Is The Consideration Of Lengthening?

What should be the lengthening limit decided on the basis of pre existing bone length which you want to lengthen.

According to medical science it's always safe to lengthen 20% of your pre existing bone height that helps to recover faster and safer.

How much time it takes to get back in your normal life routine?

In our experience 1 cm of lengthening takes 1-2 months to recover it means if you have lengthening 5 cm it takes approximately 5-7 months recovery also depends on the regeneration capability of an individual.

Studies have shown that a mere positive attitude attracts faster and batter healing.

Healthy diet and healthy living is good for faster recovery bad habits like smoking and heavy drinking affects the recovery.

Cost of External LON / LATN (lengthening over nail)

Our package cost - 16000 $ which includes both surgery ( Frame insertion and frame removal) X-ray (Twice a month) transportation to the hospital, weekly doctor visit, customize physiotherapy session twice a day , pain medication , frame management, nursing care, rolling chair , walker, accommodation for 3 months, food (3meals a day) caretaker.

After 3 months - 1500 $ every month include all the facilities mentioned above.

Can you walk after leg lengthening surgery?

For about 6–8 weeks after surgery, you will need to: Help your child use crutches, walker, or wheelchair to get around as instructed by your care team. Your child should not put any weight on the leg with the internal lengthening device during this time.

Can I increase my height by surgery?

Leg-lengthening surgery is available in more than a dozen countries, with some patients able to increase their height by up to five inches (13cm). And while it's hard to say exactly how many people undergo it each year, clinics say it is gaining in popularity.

How long does it take to recover from limb lengthening surgery?

After the Procedure/bone growth restriction: It is common to spend up to a week in the hospital. Sometimes, a cast is placed on the leg for 3 to 4 weeks. Healing is complete in 8 to 12 weeks.

Does insurance cover leg lengthening?

Most of the surgery performed at the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL) is covered by medical insurance. However, for self-pay patients, or when required by your insurance company, we can provide a cost estimate for your treatment.

How much Limb Lengthening height is safe?

How much taller can I get? The total recommended lengthening is 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in the thigh bone (femur). Lengthening more than 3 inches in one bone is associated with higher complication rates.

What are the cons of leg lengthening surgery?

Risks of this surgery include: Bone growth restriction (epiphysiodesis), which may cause short height,Bone infection (osteomyelitis), Injury to blood vessels, Poor bone healing, Nerve damage.

Does Limb Lengthening Surgery make your legs weak?

Initially you will need to adjust to the new length of your muscles but it shouldn't take you long. Also the muscles will be initially weaker but with exercising you will regain the strength.

What is the cost of limb lengthening surgery?

With its growing popularity the limb lengthening surgery cost about 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs. The rates may vary depending upon the person's requirement and desired lengthening or shortening of the limb. Also, depending on the hospitals and the facilities the cost of the surgery may vary.

What is height surgery?

Surgery to get taller, also known as limb-lengthening surgery, involves surgical approaches to stimulate bone growth in the legs. This approach often involves several surgeries to lengthen not only the leg or legs but also the tendons in the legs.

What is Precice stryde?

PRECICE STRYDE is NSO's third-generation limb lengthening system and includes an implantable intramedullary nail, locking screws, reusable instruments and a hand-held External Remote Controller (ERC). STRYDE was recently cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April for use in both the tibia and femur.

What is leg length discrepancy?

Leg length discrepancy (LLD) is an orthopedic problem that usually appears in childhood, in which a child's two legs are of unequal lengths.

Is limb lengthening surgery safe in India?

However, limb lengthening surgery is completely unregulated in India and many of the surgeons performing it lack experience.

Can you do leg lengthening twice?

In the legs, 2 inches of lengthening can be done simultaneously in the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone) to make the total lengthening 4 inches (2 inches in the femur and 2 inches in the tibia). In severe cases, greater amounts of lengthening may be possible during one treatment.

Can you do sports after limb lengthening surgery?

Conclusions. Patients who had undergone bilateral cosmetic tibial lengthening may expect almost full recovery of daily and light sports activities at post-operativetwo years. However, several patients may feel some limitation in moderate-to-strenuous sports activities.

What is cosmetic leg lengthening surgery?

Leg lengthening, also referred to as limb lengthening, is the process whereby a long bone is gradually distracted after a fracture. The term callotasis is also used to describe how callus (the new bone which forms after a fracture) is distracted or stretched to lengthen a bone.

What is an Ilizarov external fixator?

An Ilizarov external fixator (Ilizarov frame) is a ring-like brace (see figure 1). The frame is applied to the outside of the limb and connected through the unbroken part of the bone inside the limb. ... These wires/pins are attached to metal rods on the outside frame to provide bone stability.

What are the symptoms of one leg shorter than the other? What are the symptoms of leg length discrepancy?

✓ one leg that is shorter than the other (this is not always obvious)
✓ problems with posture, such as a tilting shoulder.
✓ walking problems, such as limping or toe-walking.
✓a knee that's chronically hyperextended on the short side and flexed on the long side.

How long does an external fixator stay on?

After the rods are fixed, regular cleaning where the pins have been inserted must be performed to prevent infection at the site of surgery.In most cases it may be necessary for the external fixator to be in place for many weeks or even months. Most fractures of the lower leg heal from between 6 and 12 weeks.

Does Ilizarov's frame hurt?

If the pain is around one or more pins it could still be a pin site infection (see no. 1 above). Ilizarov frames are very strong so it is very hard to damage them. If you have fallen directly onto the frame or knocked it very hard however, it is possible there may have been some movement.

How long does Ilizarov surgery take?

Removal of the frame occurs under a general anaesthetic. This takes from 10 minutes to one hour. You usually go through our Day Surgery Unit and are able to go home the same day.

How does the Precice nail work?

The ERC has a magnet inside it that rotates. When the ERC is placed against the leg or arm and turned on, the movement of the magnet inside the ERC causes the magnetic motor inside the Precice to slowly lengthen. When the Precice lengthens, the bone also lengthens.

Are external fixators permanent?

In most cases it may be necessary for the external fixator to be in place for many weeks or even months. Most fractures heal in between 6 and 12 weeks. However, in complicated fractures and where there are problems with the healing of the fracture this may take longer.

How much does an external fixator cost?

The average cost per external fixation frame was $5900. Conclusions: The majority of external fixators are intended as temporary frames, in place for a limited period of time prior to definitive fixation of skeletal injuries.

How do you sleep with an external fixator?

The fixator adds extra weight and increased time to maneuver as you go about your day. Your sleep will be limited to one position – your back. Elevate the limb with the external device for comfort and security. You may want to sleep with the fixator frame cover on to avoid ripping the sheets.

How do you lift your leg with an external fixator?

Lift leg with knee bent, as if marching. Standing hip abduction: Stand with hand on a support. Tighten outer thigh and lift leg to the side, keeping knee straight and trunk upright.

Is leg lengthening surgery painful?

How painful is leg lengthening surgery? Insertion of the nails and surgical breaks of the bones is painful but not as much as when the leg is broken in an accident. You will require painkillers post surgery and during the lengthening certainly.

What to do after the external fixator is removed?

You may remove bandages the day after the fixator is removed and replace them with Band-Aids. You may shower once the pin/wire sites have scabbed over. (Wait at least 48 hours.) Once the scars are healed over, gently rub/massage your skin three times a day for three to five weeks to help soften the scars.

Can you walk after limb lengthening surgery?

For about 6–8 weeks after surgery, you will need to: Help your child use crutches, walker, or wheelchair to get around as instructed by your care team. Your child should not put any weight on the leg with the internal lengthening device during this time.

How much taller does leg lengthening surgery make you?

Leg-lengthening surgery is available in more than a dozen countries, with some patients able to increase their height by up to five inches (13cm). And while it's hard to say exactly how many people undergo it each year, clinics say it is gaining in popularity.

How successful is limb lengthening surgery?

Overall, limb lengthening surgeries have a high success rate (about 95%). Scarring is usually minimal since only small incisions are required in most procedures. Although minor problems may occur with pins and stiffening in the joints, serious complications from limb lengthening surgery are rare.

How much Limb Lengthening Surgery is safe?

The total recommended lengthening is 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in the thigh bone (femur). Lengthening more than 3 inches in one bone is associated with higher complication rates.

Is external fixation better than internal?

Conclusions: For surgical fixation of unstable distal radius fractures, ORIF yields significantly better functional outcomes, forearm supination, and restoration of anatomic volar tilt. However, external fixation results in better grip strength, wrist flexion, and remains a viable surgical alternative.

How do you care for an external fixator?

Use a squeeze bottle to squirt saline on each pin and surrounding skin. Do not touch the tip of the bottle to the pins or skin. Dry around each pin using sterile gauze or cotton swabs. Use a clean gauze or swab for each pin.

When can external fixation be removed?

If the fixator requires dynamization, it is done at approximately 4 to 6 weeks after the fracture, when callus has been present for a few weeks. Once early fracture stability has been gained, the surgeon may choose to remove the external fixator and apply a long leg cast until healing is complete.