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What Is Limb Lengthening?

As the name suggests, it is lengthening of the limb( arm and leg) by distraction osteogenesis method, the people with limb length discrepancy due to many reasons injuries, fractures, and congenital or any other crush injury can get the benefit by this method.

Distraction osteogenesis also has its limitations, the safe limit of lengthening is upto 3 inches, more than this limit its hard to correct but not impossible.

Limb Lengthening Surgery can be done safely and effectively in both children and dirt including those in their twenties, thirties and forties. In pediatric patients the orthopedic surgeon takes special care to avoid injury to the growth plate and both normal growth and distraction osteogenesis continues during recovery.

We have over a decade of experience in providing successful limb lengthening procedures for cosmetic purposes, limb discrepancy correction and other deformities correction. At Height increase info our utmost priority is patient safety and satisfaction. For direct consultation, please get in touch.

Limb Lengthening Methods

Explore our diverse limb lengthening techniques, from advanced nails to surgical procedures, meticulously designed to offer safe and effective height enhancement solutions.

Lengthening Over Nail (LON) - Ilizarov frame is a heavy structure which causes pain and many other complications of keeping the frame longer ...

Lengthening And Then Nailing (LATN) - The procedure was also introduced to reduce the time of external fixation. The procedure is quite similar like LON...

Precice Nail Lengthening (PNL) - This is also called internal lengthening. In this method the device used for lengthening the bone is inserted inside the bone...

Precice Stryde Nail Lengthening - The precice stryde nail is also like the precice lengthening but the nail used is made of steel alloy instead of titanium...

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The transformation was remarkable! The team's care during the procedure made it comfortable. Now, I feel more self-assured and grateful for this life-changing journey with dedicated professionals who helped me gain newfound confidence and a positive outlook.

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Choosing this path was a game-changer! The precision and attention to detail throughout the process surpassed my expectations. I'm genuinely thrilled with the exceptional results, feeling like I've been given a new lease on life, thanks to the supportive and dedicated team.

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My experience was beyond amazing! The seamless procedure and exceptional post-operative care were impressive. I'm genuinely thrilled with the increased height, which has significantly enhanced my self-esteem and outlook on life. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a confidence boost.

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The journey was transformative! The expertise and personalized approach of the team made the entire experience incredibly valuable. Now, I carry myself with enhanced confidence, thanks to this supportive and professional environment that helped me achieve my desired transformation.

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I'm grateful for the exceptional support received! The professional guidance and attention to detail significantly boosted my confidence after gaining height. This journey was truly life-changing, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking a positive transformation.

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