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Tibia Lengthening Surgery in India

Height Increase Info is your go-to expert for safe and effective tibia lengthening surgeries. With a track record of over a decade, they've mastered the art of helping people grow taller, whether for cosmetic reasons or to correct limb discrepancies. The team's expertise is not limited to surgery alone; they prioritize patient safety and satisfaction above all, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience from start to finish.

Boasting a 100% success rate in over 2000 surgeries, Height Increase Info's comprehensive services span from initial consultation to post-operative care. Their collaboration with elite orthopaedic specialists and top-tier hospitals ensures that patients receive world-class medical attention throughout their transformative journey. The organization's patient-centric approach extends to providing sanitized accommodations, dedicated nursing services, and assistance with visas and airport transfers, making the entire experience seamless and stress-free.

Core of Tibia Lengthening Surgery

Now, let's dive into the core of tibia lengthening surgery. It's a remarkable procedure that taps into the body's natural ability to heal and grow new bone. The surgery starts with an osteotomy, where the bone to be lengthened is carefully cut. Metal pins or screws are then inserted to support the bone, and a device is attached to gradually pull the bone apart. This slow process, about 1mm per day, encourages new bone to fill the gap, a phenomenon known as distraction osteogenesis.

The beauty of this surgery is its versatility. It can be performed on children and adults alike, with special care taken in younger patients to protect their growth plates. The procedure has evolved over the years and now includes various methods such as Lengthening Over Nail and the Ilizarov method. Each technique is chosen based on the individual's specific needs and the desired results. The Lengthening

Over Nail method allows for the removal of the external device once the target length is achieved, whereas the Ilizarov method requires the device to stay in place until the bone fully consolidates.

When it comes to cost, India is a game-changer. Patients can expect to pay much less than they would in Western countries, without sacrificing quality. This affordability, combined with top-notch medical facilities and skilled professionals, makes India a hot spot for medical tourists seeking tibia lengthening surgery.

Recovery Tibia Lengthening Surgery

Recovery time is a crucial aspect of tibia lengthening surgery. It varies from person to person, depending on several factors such as the individual's health, nutrition, and the method of surgery used. Generally, the body requires approximately one month to consolidate every centimetre of new bone growth. Throughout the recovery phase, patients are supported with comprehensive rehabilitation programs to ensure proper healing and to regain full functionality of the lengthened limbs.


In conclusion, Height Increase Info offers a transformative experience for those looking to increase their height. Height Increase Info's dedication to excellence has not only made them a trusted name in tibia lengthening but also a partner in personal transformation. For those considering this life-changing procedure, Height Increase Info offers more than just additional inches—it offers a new horizon of confidence and opportunity.